5 Reasons For Husbands Not To Cheat

Are you considering cheating on your wife?

Before you consider stepping outside the bounds of marriage, I urge you to read and consider this article.

I know first hand that marriage is difficult. In fact, all long-term close relationships are difficult to manage. It takes a lot of effort from both parties to maintain a healthy relationship.

Ten years ago, my wife and I almost split.

For years I tried to communicate and figure out where things were going wrong between us. I read books and magazines, talked to friends and family, and prayed but I still could not fix whatever it was. I was not fulfilled emotionally. There was little connection; I felt like we were total separate entities.

We were going through the motions and each playing our part, we just were not connected.

I didn’t feel supported.

Often I felt like a living, breathing wallet.

I felt alone.

I have since talked to a lot of guys going through similar situations and related emotions and they’ve shared the same feelings.

10 Reasons Not to Cheat On Your Wife

If what you are currently feeling is described above and are considering cheating on your wife, read the reasons below why that is the last thing you want to do.

So. Much. Pain.

Your wife will be devastated. Your family will be devastated. Her family will be devastated. If you have kids, they will be devastated. That one act will create a ripple effect of pain all around you.

It is morally wrong

Spiritually speaking, adultery exists as a punishable sin, at least in the Christian faith. We are hard-wired knowing that adultery is wrong – a breaking of a sacred trust.

Physical scars

I was told by a doctor who treats half of military men coming back from deployment for prostate issues that can be traced back to an extra-marital affair (or several) while deployed; not an STDā€¦just broken plumbing. Our bodies know when we’re stepping outside the bounds of marriage.

Emotional scars that last a long time

There is a piece of you that never quite heals right. Call it a chink in your armor. A feeling that you don’t quite measure up to the next guy. A constant feeling of being judged. I’ve talked to other people (men and women) who have cheated, and the feeling is the same in all.

Lose credibility

You may think you’re hiding it well, but people know. Over time you erode what social credibility you have, which takes a long time to earn back.

– – –

I saw a post on Facebook the other day, it was a picture of a beautiful women in the sun with one of those sexy sun dresses on. The caption read: “Don’t let a $7 dress cost you $70K in divorce fees”.

Excellent practical advice.

At the end of the day, for an activity that we spend 1% of our time doing in the run of a week, it’s a huge price to pay in the long-term.

Before taking the step, or if you’ve already taken the step and are considering divorce and there is no abuse in the relationship, STOP!

Talk to trusted friends and family members.

Talk to professionals like a counsellor, psychiatrist, or even your family doctor.

I speak from experience, if you begin or continue down the path, you will be in a world of hurt for a long time for something that MAY easily be fixed through conversation and effort.

If these reasons are not enough, try these 14 reasons not to cheat on your spouse at JamesRussell.org.

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