You Matter

I see a lot of posts from men who are struggling with self-worth.

They struggle with their wife and kids.

They deal with challenges at work.

They feel like a loser.

A few years ago, when I was going through a particularly challenging time, I learned that one of the worst times to decide or implement drastic change in your life was when you are in the middle of an emotional event.

Marriage issues.

Your teenager screws up big time.

Your boss reads you the riot act or you lose your job.

All these things qualify as an emotional event.

Eric Thomas tells us that “pain is temporary”.

I agree and that is why I also agree with not making rash decisions in the middle of a painful event.

Whatever you are going through, I know it is tough. 

I may not be going through exactly what you are going through, but I’ve had the same feelings.

Get one thing straight in your head right now: YOU MATTER!

It may not feel like it, but you do.

You are an emotional being – feel the feelings, but don’t let them control your thoughts and actions.

Start by making one decision that benefits you (which may benefit others as well…), and then build on that.  Make another decision, then another…and so on.

We can choose our way out of a funk…but it IS our choice.

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