What IS Important…

20 years ago, I kept the books for a businessman who was a staunch atheist.

One night, he shared that he had just watched a show where scientist compressed all of history into one day and humans did not arrive on the scene until 11:59PM on that day.

Every fibre of my being told me there was something wrong with that story.

As I walked home, I prayed, “God, show me the truth. I don’t care what it means.”

Later that night, I was getting ready for bed. It was close to midnight (ironically). 

We still had satellite TV back then, so I flipped through the channels.

I came across the last 15 minutes of a presentation by Kent Hovind – who claimed that the earth was only thousands of years old instead of billions.

(Yes, I know he spent time in jail since then…keep reading, I’m not a Hovind evangelist)

I was intrigued.

Internet was relatively new, but I jumped online and check him out.

I called him the next day to chat about his background and ended up buying his videos.

He had something like 15 hours of material.  He was a bit calloused but his heart was in the right place, in my opinion.

The important part of this story is not the age of the earth, but what Hovind did for my confidence.  He taught me to 1) Fully flesh out and then stand up for my beliefs and, 2) Make sure I understand clearly what I read.

God is as logical as he is mysterious.

There are touchy-feely parts in the Bible and there is a lot of practical knowledge in it as well.

Some are drawn to the touchy-feely parts, others are drawn to the practicality.

ProTip: Both are important.

I teach parents to apply Biblical knowledge so they can be parent better, fast-track their career, and/or grow their business.

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