What Distracts You From Success?

I am the king of distraction.

You know that scene in the movie “Up” when the talking dog is introduced and in the middle of a sentence he exclaims “Squirrel!” and stops talking? 

That is me – and it does not take much to turn my attention!

Whether I am writing, talking, or cooking supper my attention can be turned in the blink of an eye just with a noise or bird flying across the window.

Of course, once you lose attention, it takes time to refocus on the task at hand.

I have found that the best way to combat distraction is to shut down anything that will divert my attention.

Shut down devices. 

Close blinds and curtains.

Close social media apps and email programs.

I have heard some people putting their phones in different rooms, so they will not be tempted.

What typically distracts you from accomplishing those important tasks related to personal growth or even starting a new business? 

How can you prevent those things from taking you away?

Perfecting our focus is not easy.  Often, we need help making improvements in our life.

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