Time To Kick Your Own Arse?

Some of us are better at letting go of the emotions attached to challenges we experience at work.

Whenever I experienced an overload of expectations (mostly my own), missed a major deadline at work, or dealt with some office political interference, I would express my stress more at home than at the office.

I typically arrived home “in a mood” and wanted to be left alone to think about the crap going on at the office.

My wife or kids would want my attention, or worse, a decision, but I would snap at them or simply ignore them and try to get away.

Not great behavior for family relationships.

There is a plethora of great advice out there for dealing with the stuff that happens at work – have the right mindset, push through it, communicate better, and so on.

Great advice.  No arguments here.

I worked with a lady once who had a great approach to life challenges.  She would let herself “feel the pain” for a certain time and then kick her arse into gear and move on.

What a great philosophy.

Her approach taught me that it is okay to take time to sort through my feelings, organize my thoughts, and decide on an approach, but that it is up to me to kick myself into gear and move forward.

One caveat: If negative emotions happen day after day for weeks on end, something needs to change – or your family will suffer to the point of major catastrophe.

You may need to change inside your heart or mind, or you may need to make a change to your work…or both! If you want to see how other imperfect parents have broken out of it, join us here: https://www.facebook.com/perfectmanblogger/


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