The Silent Killer

Creating a vision for your life is a process.

It takes time and energy to really think through what you want out of life.

I read a post recently from a guy going through a self-improvement process and was asked to include a vision statement about his wife and kids.  “The problem,” he stated, “is that I don’t have a wife and kids, so I don’t feel qualified to write about it.”

My first thought on the guy’s post was to say: “Skip the question, then.”

However, the coach in me asked the next logical question: “Do you want a relationship that includes a wife and kids?”

If so, “When would you like it?”

Whether for personal, business, or career, creating a vision is basically picturing a future state that will satisfy you.

In my opinion, the sky is the limit.

Visioneering, as Andy Stanley calls it, is the time to dream big and really define what that dream means to you.

My suggestion at this stage in the journey is to NOT overthink the process of creating the dream and then judge whatever comes to mind as good or bad. 

Overthinking is the silent killer here.

Let your mind go and see where it takes you.

Picture your end state.  Define it.  What does it look like?  Sound like?  Taste like?  Feel like? 

Describe its beauty.

Describe its charm.

Describe its allurement.

And then make a plan to get there. 

Don’t get stuck in the dreaming phase or it will never manifest. If you want help visioneering and taking action, join a group of parents seeking similar things:


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