The Most Powerful Agent of Change

Are you experiencing too many demands on your time?

Demands on your time cause feelings of pressure and distract you from your goals.

Are you constantly absorbing criticism from others?

A constant inflow of criticism leads to fear and self-doubt.

Do you not feel accountable for your actions and decisions?

No accountability leads to lack of motivation, fading vision, no determination.

At different times in my life and work, I have experienced these barriers to growth and allowed them to control me.

I often felt lost, out of control (picturing myself running through a field arms flailing in the air), and trapped in my circumstances.

That is when I learned the power of ‘Why?’

“Why are these things happening to me?”

“Why am I allowing them?”

One of the most powerful agents of change in a person’s life is a one-word question, “Why?”

If you want change in your life, the first step is asking yourself why you are experiencing these feelings and results.

The second step is determining a course of action out of these barriers to change. If you want to perfect change, join a group of parents who have already asked “Why?” and are working on their plan to change:


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