Talking Yourself Into Success

Ever feel like you have more to offer your organization?

I have.

It is one of the worst feelings to know you are being under-utilized.

I few years ago, after being passed over for a promotion, I fell into an elephant-sized funk.

I questioned my value to the organization. 

I even questioned my worth as a man.

…and then I got angry.

Yeah, I became jaded and cynical at work and did not behave as a leader should have. 

I wear my emotions on my sleeve and it showed to those who knew me.

Eventually, however, my anger drove me to improve.

I requested feedback and sought out help from folks I trusted.

My friends and colleagues helped me understand that, although I understood the work, I was not very good at communicating aspects of the work.

I watched how respected colleagues, friends, and co-workers communicated. The words they used. Their body language. Even how they dressed!

I took courses.

I researched online to learn how to better communicate at work.

You know what it came down to? 

  1. Knowing my audience
  2. Mastering business vernacular

I know that sounds simple, but it took a while to master the new skills I learned.

I practiced at home.

I practiced at work.

I practiced with my hockey team.

There are several different situations that require some finesse and ability to react appropriately situations, but I kept at it until I felt good enough to really put my new skills to the test.

I started sending out resumes and getting job interviews. The first interview I had I nailed it and got the job.

It was a great feeling to walk into a communication nightmare situation like an interview, where you typically have one opportunity to make a good impression, and leave the interview feeling confident.

If you are looking to perfect your communication skills, join a group of parents who want the same:


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