Re-purpose Your Life

My wife and I purchased a large greenhouse to expand her business a few years ago.  We had two smaller greenhouses that had to be moved first, each having two forty-five foot wooden tables running the length of them.

The tables were made of scrap cedar we got from a friend and still had plenty of life remaining.  So, they ended up on our lawn, in pieces, from fall to the following spring.

In the spring, it was my job to gently tear the tables apart so we could repurpose the wood.

One day, as I sorted the wood into “useable” and “burnable” piles, I asked God what I was built to do –  what could I do for Him and to earn my living.

At that point, I had already attempted two coaching practices and never really gained traction in either of them, so I was feeling low about that part of my life.

Almost immediately, the thought came to me; “Tell them what I’ve done for you.”

God, in my opinion, then pointed out that what I was currently doing physically (sorting wood), I could help people do in their lives.  Basically, He showed me that I could help people sort out the important and useful parts of their life and get them on track to achieving their goals.

Fast forward three years; I ran some of the cedar through my thickness planer in the shop, and we re-purposed the cedar for trim in our house.

So, if you think you are down and out, not achieving the life you envisioned, think again.

You may just need to sort through and prioritize aspects of your life before you reach your goals.

Or you need a push through your own “thickness planer” to shave off the unnecessary attitudes and beliefs.

Either way, keep working and improving until it becomes clear – then go for it!


I am a husband, father, grandfather, business owner, farmer, and deep thinker. I love helping people, having deep conversations, and being around great people.

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