Let Go and Empower Others

We take personal responsibility for deliverables produced under our care.

Some leaders/managers have a hard time letting go because “Its my name going out the door.”

If our team delivers poor quality, according to our standards and we are under pressure to deliver, stress levels rise.

Often, this leads to a desire to not delegate work to employees and we pile the work onto ourselves.

The problem with this approach is…nobody learns!

The employee does not learn how to provide quality service.

We do not learn how to let go and grow in other areas.

The primary skill for the solution to this problem lies in coaching and developing others.

As business leaders, it is our job to teach others about quality expectations and then hold our employees accountable to produce quality work.

Remember, it is not our job to enforce HOW they do the work, but it is our job to show them WHAT they are required to produce in terms of quality expectations. There is nothing wrong with showing them our version of how…but we should leave it up to them to find a way that works for them.

The second step to this process is to hold them accountable to produce that quality, which is where a lot of us fall off the wagon.

Random audits and quality control inspections are great tools for accountability but make us feel like we are micromanaging.

 We need to get over that feeling.

Done correctly, inspections and audits become an integral part of company culture, leading to excellent quality, and weeding out the folks who do not want to be held accountable.

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