Land That Dream Job

Getting started in your career, or moving up, is difficult.

Often, companies want applicants to have so many years experience, but you cannot get that experience if nobody hires you.  Catch 22, right?

After a couple of failed attempts, insecurities creep in and hold you back from applying for that next role.

“I don’t have the experience.”

“They won’t want me.”

“Why bother?”

You begin to feel bitter and cynical. 

Relationships with co-workers or leadership may change…and stress begins to mount.

I am telling you honestly – you are at a tipping point.

You can continue to go down that path, or you can stop and choose how you will represent yourself from this point forward.

Will you stop or push forward?

Will life happen to you or will you make it happen for you?

Will you represent yourself, your family, or your God with strength and integrity?

The choice is yours.

Will you be perfect?  No. If you are searching to attain perfection, then join me and other parents who want the same by clicking here:


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