Is Your Child a Sore Loser?

Ten or fifteen years ago, our boys had friends over to play hockey on our backyard rink.

I was working around the rink, listening, and watching what was going on.

One lad in particular, who was older than my sons dominated play and teased them the whole time. 

Nobody was having fun except him.

The puck slid over to me, so I decided to have a little fun myself.

When the older lad skated over to get the puck, I stick-handled around him and prevented him from getting the puck.

After about 15-20 seconds of this, he exclaimed sorrowfully, “I might as well not even play!”

I call that a poor loser. 

Everything was good while he was in control, but take the control away…

A father in one of the FB groups I am in posted that he wanted to teach his son to lose.

That is probably the easiest thing a father can do; put him in situations where he loses to you. 


Video games (careful with this one…lol.  My boys could beat my butt from a young age).




When they freak out, teach them a better way to show their displeasure and to not give up.

Your kids are going to lose sometimes in life, so teaching them now how to deal with those emotions will benefit them…and you!

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