How To Free Your Time

I have talked to several business owners and corporate leaders who struggle with balancing sales with delivery capacity.

For long stretches, they work long hours and never get a day off attempting to keep up with demands.

Putting in extra hours is viable in the short-term.  We can handle a few days or even weeks putting in long hours if there is rest at the end.

If your business is seasonal, you are aware of the extra effort required and can prepare yourself mentally and physically.

However, if you are new to business and feel like you cannot keep up and ready to quit…DON’T.

If you are busy with sales, I am assuming you have cashflow, which is a great resource to have (If you do not have cashflow – I would suggest reviewing your prices or expenses to determine viable adjustments).

Two techniques can be used together that might help:

NARROW YOUR FOCUS.  Which time-consuming products/services/administrative tasks can you drop, permanently or temporarily that will not catastrophically affect your business?

I often here “Nothing” as an answer to this question.

If that is what you’re thinking, I am going to challenge you.  If someone pointed a gun at you and told you to drop one thing, or they would shoot you or a family member, what would you drop?  I will bet you can think of something…

COACH AND DEVELOP OTHERS.  Once you have freed time by implementing those changes, which trustworthy individual(s) in your organization can you coach and develop to take over parts of the business, so you can focus on tasks that you need to?

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