Does God Forgive Sins?

Adultery: Yes.

Murder: Yes.

Cheating: Yes.

Lying: Yes.

Stealing: Yes.

Denying that Christ died for us and accepting that gift from God: No.

God demands perfection and states the penalty for anything less than perfection is separation from him for all eternity.

We are not perfect.

Christ IS perfect.

God allowed Christ to substitute himself as payment for our imperfections. So, God forgives our sins through Christ if accept the gift and believe Christ paid the penalty for us.

Christ tells us in the New Testament that we are adopted into God’s family. He is the vine, we are the branches – as long as we remain in Him, and He in us, we are secure.

We need to forgive ourselves and others who have wronged us, and then we need to move on and live a life dedicated to Him.

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