Does Finding Employees Fire You Up?

My brain often keeps me up at night, worrying about my business.

So much work to do and so little time.

Of course, finding good employees is near impossible. 

Sure, they have some industry skills but no problem solving or natural curiosity…they do not even seem to care.

…and the work piles up.

I went through this a few years ago.

I could not find a front desk receptionist for the life of me.  I interviewed several and ended up hiring two.  The first receptionist left a few weeks into the role, so I hired a second one, which I ended up having to fire.

After firing the second one, I put some thought into my hiring process…from advertisement to interview.

I discovered one mistake I was making that, when corrected, enabled me to find a receptionist that is still working for the organization…long after I left.

My mistake?  I assumed personality traits that I did not need in the role.

I changed my ad, modified my interview process, looked for visual queues of the new personality type, and found what I needed.

A perfect solution? 

No, I still had some managing to do, but  I could sleep better at night knowing I had an employee who was helpful and could pickup the load at the office.

If you are looking for a perfect solution, you will rarely find one, but if you are willing to put the work in you will find one that works. Join me and others who are willing to put the work in here:


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