Do You Need a Foot in the Door?

Before I worked in government, my father, who was a government employee for 34 years, encouraged me to follow in his footsteps.

At the time, I was enjoying my consulting career – loved the work, hated the travel because I was a young father myself.

I had been hired into a new company by being told I would travel on a small contract for two months and there would be a job back home for me.  Six months later, I was still travelling away, with no end in site.

SIDE NOTE: This was after spending years with an organization that told me I would work closer to home and never delivered.

Dad had just retired, but he had friends in government, so he offered to send my resume around to his friends in government saying,  “If you could just get your foot in the door…”

The following week, I was on site with our client, halfway across the continent. I received a call from my boss back home. “Why am I looking at your resume on our client’s desk?”

After the original shock (I didn’t realize dad’s friends worked in the same area as my boss…oops…), I explained that our original agreement was 2 months and then back home.  At that point, I had been travelling for 6 months (flying to and from every week) and I had just left a company that promised for years that I would work closer to home – I wanted to work closer to home.

Within two weeks, I was working 25 minutes away door-to-door from my house. 

I still remember the exhilaration of walking down the hallway to my office for the first time.

Sometimes you need help getting your foot in the door, and my father had inadvertently been my foot in the door to a job close to home.  In this case, it did not work out exactly as I had planned, but the results were what I wanted.

If you are looking for the perfect way to get your foot in the door, join me and a group of other parents who can help you do just that:


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