Do You Have All The Answers?

When I started out in leadership, my self-esteem was based on how many problems I could solve and answers I had.

In fact, I felt I was not a good leader if I did not have an answer.

Over time, that attitude does a number on your self-esteem because you run into so many varied problems, which are more complex.

I compared myself to others and everytime they had an answer and I did not, I felt inferior.

It is a terrible place to be in your head, not to mention being unhelpful to the organization.

If you are new to leadership, whether team lead, supervisor, manager, director, or business owner – understand that you do not need to, nor will you always have all the right answers.

What people are looking for from you is a willingness to lead through good times and bad.

To have their back when they have to make a decision or choice, whether it is the right one or wrong one.

My advice is that if you do not know the answer, say so!

After the shock leaves their face, tell them, “I’ll find out and get back to you” or “Let’s find out together” or “That’s your decision.”

You are not perfect.

They are not perfect.

We never will be perfect – so accept it and move on.

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