Do NOT Give Up In The Midst Of Suffering

Four years ago, I walked around my property surveying a spot where we could move our smaller greenhouses to.

It was a cold, rainy Saturday and I wanted to get out of the house for some thinking time.

I trudged through the mud pushing water-soaked branches out of my face. Water from the disturbed trees dripped down my back. 

A verse from the Bible popped into my head: “…suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope,” Romans 5:3-4.

I understood the first two parts, but I did not know how character could produce hope.

“Hope in what?” I asked.

Moments later a tiny voice echoed in my mind, “In Me.”

God was showing me that when we suffer and persevere through it, our character improves.

We get tougher…more resilient.

As we persevere through more and more suffering, our character develops to the point where we know God, no matter the outcome, has our back and will work everything out for our good.

We have Hope in Him to get us through good times and bad.

If you are going through a time of suffering now, do not give up.  Push through.

You do your part, and let God do His.

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