Unexplained Mysteries: Who is at Work?

20 years ago, my wife and I ran a photo printing shop for professional photographers.

There was quite a learning curve for me, because my expereince had mostly been in accounting and IT consulting up until that point.

I spent many long days and nights preparing our shop, working with suppliers to setup equipment, and getting the word out to potential clients.

We opened our door in September or October, just prior to the busy season where all the grads wanted their grad photos printed for Christmas.

We had 2-3 fairly signicant photographers at the time, so the pressure was on to learn the printing process and offer a good service.

One night, around 2 o’clock in the morning, I was finishing a batch of photos when all of a sudden, the printer stopped working.

It no longer recognized the 4×5 lenses – which were popular lenses!

I slid the lense draw out and inspected the various components. I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

I replaced the drawer and tried again, no luck.

I looked up to the ceiling in angst and said, “Please God, not now!”

I removed the drawer again and set it on the floor. I decided to remove the electronic controller to see if there was something wrong with it – not that I had ANY idea what to look for. I didn’t see anything, so I put the controller back in place and slid the drawer into position.

I attempted the 4×5 lenses once again…and they worked!

I was able to finish the batch and get a decent night sleep.

Some may think that was a coincidence, or maybe I jarred something lose, but I don’t think so.

Have you experienced anything similar?

I’d love to hear about it!

Comment below with your story.


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