Understand Your Spiritual Problem Fully

What’s holding you back from growing spiritually?

My father never went to church except at Christmas or Easter when I was a kid. Roll call services…I guess is what you called them.

So you’d think since Dad didn’t go to church that I wouldn’t either.

There were a few years that I didn’t go in my late teens and early twenties, but I never forgot my roots.

My sweetie’s spiritual beliefs were one of the primary reasons I was attracted to her…that and she had a nice…smile…and I credit her with re-connecting me to my spirituality on a deeper level.

To be honest, I didn’t grow much spiritually as a kid or even a young adult. I was so focused on myself during my younger years that I didn’t have time or energy for anything else.

Or I thought I didn’t…

I never forgot about my beliefs, I just never fed them.

As I grew older, got married, and had kids that area of my life became more important because I had to focus my energy externally.

I wanted someone to lean on in tough times.

I needed to know I had a purpose.

…and I wanted to share my spiritual knowledge and experience with my boys so they could have the same growing up.

In the book of Nehemiah, the title character was moved by God to rebuild Jerusalem. So, after receiving permission from his King, he set off on a journey to do that.

The first thing that Nehemiah did before lifting a brick was to take time to survey the extent of the damage, talk to the inhabitants, and understand the dangers they were up against. Once he gained an understanding of what was required, he planned his approach.

In order to build (or rebuild) our spiritual life, we need to take a similar approach.

There is strong evidence for a realm that exists outside of the one we live in…I believe we need to figure out what that world is and connect to it to the best of our ability.

Where are you at spiritually?


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