Picking Up Good Vibrations

I’ve been hearing a lot about how cosmic vibrations link to our spirits.

Apparently, the Beach Boys wrote a single called Good Vibrations back in the 60s based on this concept, not so popular at the time, but it is gaining popular now.

With all the uncertainty in the world, people look for answers that will provide comfort and order in their lives.

I’m seeing many coaches practice meditation with their followers and clients to “raise their vibration”. An article on the web about spiritual vibrations shares 8 ways to raise your vibration:

1) Become conscious of your thoughts. Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality. …
2) Find something beautiful and appreciate it.
3) Be conscious of the foods you eat.
4) Drink water.
5) Meditate.
6) Be grateful.
7) Practice acts of kindness.
8) Get your blood pumping.

The first thing I notice about the 8 steps is that they all are focused on the physical.

Food, water, feelings, and exercise are all related to the physical world, yet we’re being told that they control our spirits (or our vibrations).

Even the vibrations we are taught in nature have their origins in the physical realm. Our bodies, the planet, sun, stars, moons, apparently all vibrate at different frequencies and the theory is we have control over the frequency.

The 8 steps above are great tools create a healthy mind and body. I personally disagree with the “Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality” comment, but it is healthy to be conscious of our thoughts.

I believe there is a more complete answer to our spiritual questions. One that fills in a lot of spiritual blanks, like the spiritual influence on the physical world, and also answers the four life questions: origin, purpose, morality, an destiny.

If picking up good vibrations is not working for you, maybe someone else is trying to get your attention.

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