Does God Hate You?

Often I get a “quote from the bible” thrown at me as proof that God hates people…or some specific people, race, gender, or orientation.

Not the God I worship.

Anytime I’m asked about God, the first thing I need to clarify is “…which God are they asking about?”

Reading and understanding the Bible requires a relationship with the author, and the Bible is clear that the ultimate author is God Himself.

When you’re reading a book by an infinite, eternal being, it is reasonable to think that some things in the book may be easy to understand, while other things may be more difficult.

It takes work to understand parts of the Bible, but challenge is an important part of any relationship isn’t it?

You do not need an interpreter to tell you what the Bible says, but sometimes a trusted adviser with a close relationship to God can help. Finding a trustworthy source of help to understand those parts we struggle with is invaluable.

I have been in a relationship with God for over 40 years. I can tell you with absolute confidence that God loves us all deeply.

In fact, God loves everybody so much that he fulfilled his own penalty of death for all people, for all time:

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

So, the only work left for us to do is to believe that Christ exists, he has come to earth already and he paid the price for our disobedience once for all time – and to share that information with others.

God does NOT hate you.

God wants you to admit you have stepped outside His will for you and that you trust him to bring you back inline through belief of what his son did 2000 years ago.

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