Do You Believe In Yourself?

I recently wrote about understanding how our products are perceived by potential customers.

That article got me thinking about the underlying motivator for driving perception in the messaging about our product.

Some messages are explicit – we state them on or with purpose.

Other messages are implicit – implied but not plainly expressed.

The underlying motivator to your product messaging that I’m referring to is the measure of belief you have in your own product or service to meet your customers’ needs and/or wants.

To a degree, your customers will influence the measure of belief in your product or service by how they respond to it (i.e. comments, feedback, whether they purchase it or not).

However, a larger degree of influence comes from your own thoughts about your product.

If you don’t believe that people will want your product that message will seep through your marketing and communication messages about the product.

You may be right in believing people won’t want it…or you may be wrong.

It took me four years of honing my products to the point that I was happy with the content and actually believed in the products themselves.

Now that I believe I have something that can meet my clients’ needs, I have no problem sharing messages about them…and about me.

I highly recommend that you take time to form a solid foundation of what you have to offer your clients; understand what they need (or want) and how you can meet that need (or want).

When you start from a place of belief in your offering, any message you send out will confirm your belief.

Do you believe enough in yourself and your product(s) to sell confidently?


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