Do You Agree on Discipline?

I recently wrote an article on the pains of divorce and included some help related to parenting after divorce.

Divorce is a major cause of pain in a child’s life, but it isn’t the only pain. There are several causes for pain in a child’s life and it is our job as parents to guide our kids through that pain.

Pain is a part of life.

If we don’t let our children experience pain while under our roof, they won’t know how to handle it when they are not.

I have seen many examples of one parent won’t let their spouse discipline their child.

When your child does something “wrong” and you feel they deserve discipline, but your spouse, for whatever reason, prevents you taking action and defends the behavior – it is frustrating.

When they question your actions in front of your child, it destroys your authority.

Over time, resentment builds and your relationship becomes unstable – to the point of break up in many cases.

Parents need to agree on disciplinary tactics or the relationship will suffer and YOUR CHILD WILL SUFFER too.

Begin talking to your spouse about discpline early in the parenting experience. Setting boundaries for children is important and your boundaries need to similar, or the child will quickly know what they can get away with.

Be willing to compromise.

Back each other up in front of the child especially, but in the backgruond as well – especially in the early years.

Parenting is hard work, but is rewarding.

My wife and I have experience the highs and lows of good parenting decisions and bad ones.

We might have been considered strict with our boys as they grew up, but they survived. Our boys are grown now and moved out of the house and we are still close to both of them.

As long as you mix times of love, encouragement, and support between times of discipline your kids will eventually thank you for it all.


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