Conquer Introversion In the Workplace

We have a much different working environment than we did 100 years ago.

Fast paced.  Ever-changing…and MUCH more interaction.

In fact, interaction is a requirement in most jobs if we want to get anything done.

I have talked with introverted guys who struggle learning to adapt to an extrovert world.

They feel they are not interesting enough or have anything of value to offer another human being…or even if they try to talk about it, the words come out awkwardly they do not get their point across.

Their own insecurities are holding them back. 

The truth is, an introvert often has more to offer than the person who spouts off every chance he gets – because he’s thought deeply about whatever topic is being discussed and has valuable insights about it.

As an ambivert, slightly on the introvert side, I understand the strong, silent type.

It has taken me a long time to figure out communication and it still can be awkward for me sometimes.

In the past, I often blurted out answers to problems after thinking deeply about our challenges; a comment would be made in a meeting, I would connect it to 3 other observations, added an assumption, linked it to a personality, and whammo – out with my idea.

People often looked at me like I had three heads.

A piece of advice I got years ago in a management training course transformed my life.  The course instructor shared the reason I had gotten strange looks was because I did not explain how I arrived at my conclusions.

From that point forward, I started to consciously slow down and share with people my thought process before I blurted out an answer.

I connected the dots for them, so they could understand my idea.

I gained respect of my peers. 

I gained confidence in myself and my abilities.

I contributed more deeply to relationships.

The next time you’re in a meeting and you have a bright idea, slow down and share the journey you took to arrive at the idea, and then focus on those people who value your input.


I am a husband, father, grandfather, business owner, farmer, and deep thinker. I love helping people, having deep conversations, and being around great people.

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