The Problem With Quality in Business

My wife loves meeting peoples’ needs and her market gardening business reflects this aspect of her personality.

She wants the best for her clients.

During harvest, she saves the highest quality veggies in terms of size, looks, and smell for her customers.

…leaving us with the deformed blemished veggies – and I HAVE to tease her about us eating the second-rate veggies.

When we operated our photo printing business, she was our quality control manager – EVERYTHING flowed through her before going to the client.

Most of us business owners want to provide the best for our clients.

The problem is not everybody gets that. Our employees many times view their work as “a job” and mostly want to just get the day in.

As the boss, when our expectations aren’t met, we react.

We may fume to ourselves.

We may scream at our employees.

OR react somewhere in between.

My wife deals with that risk by not hiring anybody.

She keeps her business to a size she can manage.

When we ran the photo printing business, I routed our product through my wife because she had the experience and attention to detail (Quality was EXTRA important in that industry – you want your grad pictures PERFECT, right?).

Both of those solutions come with a huge risk – they both rely on ONE PERSON…what happens if they leave or get sick?

The best way I’ve seen to deal with quality issues is to:

1) document your expectations
2) communicate your expectations
3) Train multiple employees to carry out quality reviews prior to sending work out the door
4) Spot-check the process every so often to ensure it’s being followed

What do you need to do for your business?


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