How To Be Successful (Pt 7 of 7)

The first 6 days, we covered: having something to offer (product), how you conduct yourself (principles), who your customers might be and what they want (promotion), planning and building (project), working with others (people), and pushing through the challenges (perseverance).

The seventh and final success principle I have to share is Providence: Who (or what) will YOU turn to when things go bad?

Your project may get extremely difficult.

As you learn how to be successful, there are events that will occur, which will make you feel like giving up.

You will feel like there is no where to turn…but there always is.

I chose the feature image above for a strategic purpose. You may be reading this page and don’t know who God is, or chose not to follow because you or your family has been impacted by one of the events provided in the image as a reason to doubt who God is.

Before you click away, consider something for me, will you?

The question is asked, “Why would God allow us to suffer?”

Nobody stops to ask if God suffers.

Can you imagine creating an entire planet with billions of people, who you give the free will to deny your existence…and people actually do that?

If you’re a dad, imagine giving your kids everything and they choose to deny your existence and live their lives on their own without you?

God suffers every day…but he perseveres for those who choose to follow Him.

He perseveres for those who deny him.

He helps those who want his help.

…and if God is helping you, nobody can stop Him…or you.

To me, there is no question that God is almighty – so I choose to turn to him when I can do no more.

Who or what will you turn to when things don’t go your way?


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