How To Be Successful (Pt 4 of 7)

The first three days, we covered Products, Principles, and Promotion.

What you have to offer, what your values are and how your morals are determined, and who your customers might be and what they want.

Today, we discuss Projects: How to be successful at building…anything!

Project Management skills are absolutely essential to running an effective organization, business, or family.

You start with creating a vision, then plan what you need to produce your goods, offer your service, or hone your skills.

In terms of planning:

  • Who will you need to help?
  • What are you strengths to take advantage of and what areas of weakness will you need help with?
  • What might happen that will throw you off track and how can you mitigate those risks?
  • What is your budget?

After you complete the planning phase, comes the actual execution of the plan.

Problems will occur to stall as progress, how will you manage those problems?

How will you maintain your drive / motivation?

It is exceedingly easy to give up when events don’t go to plan, or you get tired, or are pressured by a spouse or family member to give up.

In terms of family, a great example of using my risk management skills came when I took my family to the Grand Canyon.

There is a walking path leading into the canyon (which we had to jump the fence to walk on…) but one loose rock and fall to your death.

My teenage sons wanted to walk down the path, but I was nervous. If anything had happened to them, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself.

…but I did it for them. However, on the way down, I went first so I could catch them if they slipped. On the way up, I went last for the same reason…that’s risk mitigation!


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