How To Be Successful (Pt 3 of 7)

The first two days, we talked about having a product and establishing principles.

Today, we begin to look outward by focusing our attention on Promotion: Meet the needs of your clients.

After you know what you have to offer and figure out your values and principles, now you need to understand your audience; who wants your product / service / skills or who needs them?

Learning more about your potential clients is crucial for your success.

How do they talk about topics related to your product? What are the problems or challenges that occur related to your product? How can YOU solve those problems for those people?

When we talk about how to be successful, there is an implication that we automatically mean “how do I earn more money or get famous…or both?”

Success doesn’t have to focus on profession…these success principles apply to home life and family just as well.

For instance, if you want to be more successful as a father, your first three steps might look like this:

  • Products: our home, my income, my knowledge and experience
  • Principles: my spiritual beliefs are Christ-centered, I value hard work and treating others with respect
  • Promotion: my kids need a safe place to live, food to eat, and opportunity to grow

So, what I call “promotion” takes into consideration more than just advertising.

You need to match your product to your clients’ needs, which means you need to know them intimately to meet their specific needs…even with children, because each child even has unique needs.

Who are your clients? Are they suppliers? Co-workers? Senior Leadership? What are their needs? How can you meet them with the products you have at your disposal?


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