Afraid To Choose?

Science is easy.

Good science is based on observation, fact, and measurable outcomes.

Humans prefer order, predictability, and control which science provides.

Science gives us answers about an unknown, unpredictable, seemingly chaotic world.

It gives us control.

So when we start talking about our world view, people tend to clam up because there is no science to back us up – and this world craves science.

Our world view is an extension of our personality and we protect it dearly…sometimes with violence.

Ironically, application of our beliefs can lead to the opposite of control, order and predictablity.

In terms of an over-arching world view, there are four primary philosophical questions that only a belief system, rather than science, can answer: origin, meaning, morality, and destiny.

Science claims to answer these questions, but there is no absolute measurable, observable proof that science offers to explain each of the four questions.

Christians believe Christ is at the root of each answer to these questions. The problem is, by choosing Christianity, we must choose everything that comes with it, which includes being held to a high standard, so we are afraid to choose that path.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of belief systems that offer answers to all or some of the four questions.

The world would have you choose them all and they sell the decision by saying all religions are the same at a fundamental level.

They are not.

Even if you look at the underlying beliefs of the major religions, you can see they are not all the same.

If they are not all the same, yet they all offer an answer to the 4 big questions of life, wouldn’t that imply that, either they are ALL wrong, or one of them is right?

The only way to find out is to search for truth.

Don’t be afraid to search for it – your next life depends on it.


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