How To Be Successful (Pt 2 of 7)

Yesterday I talked about the first principle of success, having a product.

Today, I share the second success principle, establish your own Principles: Choose how you will represent yourself at home and work.

Living by and passing on moral standards to your children is one of the most important parts of being a good parent. Do you stick to your guns as a parent? Do you follow through with promises? Hold yourself, your spouse, and your kids accountable?

Business ethics are extremely important in the corporate world, often making or breaking a company. How do you deal with customer complaints? What is your product quality like? How do you invest your money?

What are your spiritual beliefs? What you believe about the unseen world (or if you believe there is an unseen world) has a profound impact on the decisions you make on a daily basis. If we’re here by chance, what’s the point? If we were created, for what purpose? Who created us?

Most famous coaches treat beliefs as a side bar, or an option. In fact, many people I’ve talked to tell me that our beliefs are personal and shouldn’t be brought into business / career, but I couldn’t disagree more.

Think about it, if you’re part of an organization that has a powerful, principled vision, how inspiring is it to come to work each day?

If you don’t know or can’t imagine that feeling then keep reading tomorrow and the next day, because you might be the person to provide that feeling for someone else.

So ask yourself: What do I believe about life? What or who defines my moral compass? What do I truly value in life?


I am a husband, father, grandfather, business owner, farmer, and deep thinker. I love helping people, having deep conversations, and being around great people.

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