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How To Be Successful Professionally and Personally (Pt 1 of 7)

Learning how to be successful takes time, patience, and investment.

Talk to any successful person, and they’ll tell you the same thing.

Professional athletes.

Champion weight lifters.

Professional movie actors.

CEOs of major corporations.

I’ve talked to hundreds of people and seen thousands of interviews over the years and they all have a common theme – perseverance brings success.

Even the Bible talks about the rewards of persevering.

But you can work hard at anything and still not get anywhere, right?

Ever feel like you’re on a treadmill? Working your tail off, but not getting anywhere?

Well, if you want to learn how to be successful, over the next week, I’m going to share seven success principles that I follow across my entire life.

1. Product: Have something to offer.

Before you begin any journey of personal growth, you need to take stock of what you have to offer of value.

Your product could be access to goods like natural resources or farm land, or it could be an ability to create something from seemingly nothing, or simply an ability to find a good deal on Amazon or eBay.

OR what you have to offer may be intangible. A specific body of knowledge, or ability to problem solve or some other special skill.

Maybe your gift is the ability to organize events, people, or materials, or maybe you have the ability to heal the mind or body.

The first step in how to be successful is to identify your “products” – what you have to offer another person or organization.

Brainstorming is a very creative process. Sometimes we need help to get ideas. Look through job ads, help wanted ads, personal ads, look up job descriptions for several different roles, or even scroll Pinterest or for ideas!

Take an hour or two and write down an inventory of what you have to offer other people or organizations…and keep the list in a safe place – you’re going to need it later.


I am a husband, father, grandfather, business owner, farmer, and deep thinker. I love helping people, having deep conversations, and being around great people.

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